Ethan Beason first founded Beason Masonry Construction in 1954 after serving time in the military. By the mid 70’s he and his two son’s were completing large commercial projects all over the state of Arkansas. Ethan was so passionate about his work that he did not retire until 81 years of age, and was on the site every day untill then, helping out wherever it was needed the most.

Upon retiring in the mid 90's, Ethan's son Dan Beason took over. In 1996, Dan's son Corey Beason joined him and started running jobs for the company. By the year 2000, Beason Masonry Construction was one of the largest masonry contractors in the state of Arkansas. During this time they began other types of projects like custom home and remodel jobs, which led to getting involved with the roofing part of things. While Beason Masonry Construction did several roof projects through the years, they have never labeled themselves as a roofing company until now. They are now proud to serve the River Valley and all of Arkansas as Beason Roofing Solutions.  

Setting the STANDARD in the roofing & construction industry since 1954.