Win recognition as an industry leader, proud of our past but focused on our future. We will assume leadership roles within our industry and in our communities.


Increase the number of strategically located offices and achieving growth and improving our ability to attract and retain qualified associates.


Narrow our work focus to achieve growth in the areas of our strengths, and then build the operational capacity and skills needed to support that growth.


Never lose sight of the fact our success depends largely on the ability to consistently understand and exceed customer expectations and to gain customer loyalty.


Explore new products, markets and technologies. Quickly seize the best ideas and integrate them into our daily operations.


Raise our expectations of ourselves in areas of quality, safety, education, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Sustain a work environment that encourages, recognizes, and rewards initiative, loyalty, integrity, and performance in the roofing industry.

Setting the STANDARD in the roofing & construction industry since 1954.