Why call BRS for your Maintenance and Roof Repair needs?

Need roofing repair? BRS provides service for all your repair needs.  We pride ourselves on our trained and dedicated roof repair technicians who make us the top choice for your repair and maintenance needs.

We have dedicated maintenance technicians who are always ready to provide around the clock support.

Why is roof maintenance and repair important to you?

Your roof is a critical component of your company's infrastructure. It keeps employees safe while also protecting your company assets and inventory from harm. Commercial roofs can last for years if properly maintained; however, as time goes by small issues may begin to appear. When left unattended, these small concerns grow into much larger and more costly issues, even leading to possible roof system failure.

Roof repairs often involve temporary roof patching, but BRS makes permanent repairs that meet industry standards.

Ongoing, preventative roof maintenance is key to protecting your roof investment and keeping your manufacturer's warranty intact. Neglected roofs are subject to moisture intrusion which will cause damage and shorten the life expectancy of the roofing system.

Our roofing experts inspect, analyze, and provide professional reports detailing the overall condition of your roofing system, in order to detect and correct any current defects and/or potential problems.

What types of Repair and Maintenance Services are offered by BRS?

  • Roof leak investigation and repair
  • 24/7 emergency response repairs
  • Immediate leak repairs performed while on site
  • Roof Evaluations
  • Roof Maintenance Service Programs
  • Clear gutters, scuppers, roof drains, and downspouts
  • Pressure washing exterior roofing surfaces to remove dirt/biological debris
  • Hail damage inspections
  • Assistance with insurance questions